Thursday, February 21, 2013

I blame Downton

I blame Downton Abbey for my recent addiction to cross stitch. While I was sick and watching that show I felt inspired to use my hands, but I did not feel well enough to be in the studio, so I began stitching. It feels old, the technique is the same as it was 100 years ago, somehow it fit with the old world feel of the show and it kept me company, while I sat around feeling awful. I did finally get better, but somehow the addiction did not go away, oh well, I see it as an excuse to get some patterns made that I have been admiring for some time now. 
This pattern is by Alicia Paulson, from the Posie gets Cozy blog, when she first made it I fell in love with the whole look of it. I have stayed mostly true to the pattern, I do not think that I will include the alphabet portion of the sampler though. I picked my own colors, but definitely used hers as a reference. This sampler has taught me to appreciate variegated threads, I have never really loved them, but they work really nicely with a project like this, to add dimension. The weeks dye works are my favorite and the Cosmo, from Japan goes really nicely too. The black background just helps all of the colors and stitches really pop, I love the look of it! 

I really have been on a mission with the little cross stitches! I finished this VA map for an anniversary gift. It has all the places that we have been in Virginia along with the place where we met, and live now, complete with the date of the anniversary. I love maps, and loved making this one, I am thinking about making a couple more from this line of patterns. 

I am off to Italy this weekend and will not be back until March, I am so excited!!! I was there when I was 16 but I can't wait to see it through my eyes now, and experience it as an adult. The art, the food, the fashion, and everything about the culture was mesmerizing to me when I went last time. I even wanted to move to Tuscany... I hope it holds the same magic now that it did then. 

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