Monday, April 8, 2013

In the Desert

Chihuly in the Desert

I had never been to the Desert before, more specifically Phoenix, Arizona, and I must admit I did not expect it to be so breathtaking. I do not think that I could live there all the time, but it was a beautiful visit in the spring time. It was hot but dry and everything was in bloom. Rich pinks, magenta, teal, yellow and orange blooms everywhere. We spent an afternoon at the Botanical Garden, I highly recommend a visit there. From the entrance to the red rock mountains, breathtaking! There is a Chihuly sculpture in the entrance which just seemed perfect, everywhere I have gone in the past year has had one, which is a great welcome gift!

I did not get the name of this tree, but I did have a moment just staring at its beauty. From the brightness of those flowers to the dusting on the cacti, and floor underneath, just perfect. 

Love the star shapes that cacti make when they are cut back.

This crawly cactus was almost eerie like a snake crawling all over the tree... 

These murals were on the side of a restaurant in Phoenix called, Barrio cafe. A wonderful place to dine with really interesting artwork inside and out. I loved seeing the day of the dead memorabilia everywhere we went.

Of course I had to make a little visit to a quilt store while I was there... This one is called 3 Dudes Quilting, and it is owned by three men! Their selection was eclectic anything from civil war reproduction fabrics to modern prints. They had great samples lining the walls including this Amish Twist quilt. I fell in love with this beauty, if I lived there I would take the class on it. 

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