Monday, June 3, 2013

digging up.

my very overgrown miniature garden. This has really expanded since I planted it. 

My mother has taught me a great deal about gardening and how and where to start and keep going with it. She is very good at this I don't think she has a green thumb but a whole green hand! When we got this house my mother came to visit a couple of weeks after we moved in and she didn't even make it past the threshold before she started planning flower beds and a vegetable garden. I kept looking out there thinking she had lost it, all I saw were weeds and roots from trees and vines thicker than my waist. Well I should know by now, that the woman is ALMOST always right. That first summer I had a nice start to the garden, and the vegetables were plentiful. Then the next year things started really taking on, everything that we had planted in the fall was thriving... It helped that my mother's garden is really established, so she divided some plants and truck full- after truck full, they disappeared into my flower beds. Well this is year three and I must say my lack of patience makes it hard to wait but it has been worth it, everything is really thriving and filled in beautifully. We worked on planting mostly perennials since that first year so that bit by bit the weeds that were there before would be replaced by roses, irises, calla lilies, foxglove, day lilies... etc. etc. I have learned to really love being out there, it is my escape and time to think, without a computer, phone, nook, pod, pad... in front of me. I am thankful that I have a mother that has taught me so much in life, but most recently has taught me how to grow and enjoy nature on a level that I never knew I would. 

Miniature garden number 2. Complete with pool!

 One of the front flower beds, filling in... 

I am constantly amazed at how lush and full things grow. 

I even have poppies this year!!!! 

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