Monday, June 3, 2013

new trials

I have said it over and over "I don't like sewing clothes, it always takes a long time, and never turns out how I want it to!" Well.... recently I have made an exception to this rule, I have been seeing the WIKSTEN tank top appearing on blogs and instagram all over the Internet. I finally looked it up, and saw that it is a very affordable pattern to download and piece together.... then I noticed there was not one button-hole, zipper, elastic, or anything crazy involved. A nice simple, quick pattern!!! 

So I purchased my pattern, from this website,, and then started piecing the 22 page printout together with tape. I found that it worked best to tape the front and the back of the pages, for more stability. It took me an hour to piece and cut out two sizes in the pattern. My assistant, pictured above, just took a nap while I did that part. 

As promised it was simple, easy, quick, and very stylish and comfortable on. I made the dress pictured above. 

And two tanks so far. I want to make some more, perhaps some with linen, or some gauze cotton fabric. It is funny how the same pattern can look so different depending on the fabric, and the binding. Oh and if you know the WIKSTEN tank pattern, then you will notice that I did not add the pocket, it was an easy step but I prefer not to have a pocket. 

It took about 2 hours to make each garment and the pattern suggested 2 yards for the shirts, but I think 1.75 yards would have been enough. This tank thing is getting addictive... before I know it all my shirts will look the same, can't be that bad of an idea Eillen Fisher did base a whole line of clothes on that principle.

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