Friday, July 20, 2007

all the pieces

A quilt by definition is material sewn together with ornamental stiches, giving warmth in the end. While working on this quilt/coverlet that I have been making it has made me think about why I am stiching material together, why I have the urge to make more and more of them. The rest of the ones that I have ideas for are mostly from fragments of fabric from more "sentimental" fabric. The idea of making quilts has become a bit seductive to me... I guess it is the next step from layers.... fabric/textiles sewn together to make a whole. Sewing togehter or weaving together fragments of memories are making the whole up. Anyhow, I will spare anyone that reads this more rambling, train of thought giberish. Above are updated circle photos.... HP 7 at midnight!

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