Tuesday, July 17, 2007

collections and circles

There was only one twin sized fitted sheet in this pattern, but I wish there was a king size set I love this fabric!!!!

they circles are multiplying...

The past week I have been adding to some collections, I found these great metal strainer, and frying thingy at the thrift store. I was running out of small containers for my shells so these worked out well. I love that they look old and used and the shells look so nice in them. I have continued looking for vintage sheets and have a few ideas as to what I want to do with them next. I am by nature a collector, of things... I love finding new things to add to these collections, the sheets, old containers, sewing things my favorite. I always have better luck finding sales in the summer because there are more estate sales and things, but lately it seems that the best things I have been finding have been in thrift stores. The estate sales people are getting very ambitious with their pricing. It makes me a little sad however, because I love actually going into a house and seeing where people kept things and how they did it. I must say that Martha Stewart puts out a beautiful series of magazines, but they have ruined collecting certain things because they present them in there. Lately she has been freaturing a lot of vintage linens, tea towels things of that nature, which are on the uprise in pricing at sales. Hankerchiefs are another thing that seems to be getting very pricy I saw some at a store here in richmond at $8 a piece recently... a little crazy for a 4 inch square that was once covered in snot... anyhow I am ranting about this..
I have been putting some piles of fabric on my working table, to cut for my circles and also some are vintage things I have washed recently.... having them sit there the ideas are flowing... I am thinking more quilt-like things, and definetly more bedding.

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