Monday, July 9, 2007

vintage, new, and even some hankies...

The hatteras lighthouse.

I spent another lovely evening at the beach, down in nags head. It is gorgeous down there, it makes me think that it would be fun to live at the beach...besides that whole hurricane thing. Anyhow, I made a trip to the barefoot quilter down there, and got some new fabrics to use in my circle coverlet... or pillows or whatever it ends up being. I also went to some antique shops and found some sugar cane bags and hankies (in the photos above). I think that after I am finished with these circles I might piece some of these other things together. I am on a "quilting" high at the moment, and all I want to do is take bits and ends and sew them together. I guess I never got the lure til now, but there is a sense of putting pieces of a life or memory togehter when sewing all these things into one big thing.

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