Sunday, July 29, 2007

pillows and jitters

Today is my friend Meri's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERI! Above are some photos of a pillow I made for her present, it is constucted out of old sugar cane bags and the beet is a meri-ism. The construction of it looks simple, now that it is done, but there are about 20 differnt pieces of fabric pieced together around the edge to make the border fit. I was pleased with the final piece, it is super soft, since the cotton is so old.

I finished HP7 this week, it is hard to be done with those charcters but I was pleased with the end. I have started reading "The time traveler's wife" I am not that far but so far I am hooked.
"Everything seems simple until you think about it. Why is love intensified by the absence?"

I have been accepted back into VCU, which is so exciting- the idea of going back and getting a degree in something that I now know I want to do is exciting.... but there are some jitters, like the idea that I have to take those "real" classes this time not just studios... actually I do not really get to take studios except two that I put off for a reason the first time around. Parts of me wonder- how I finally came to this conclusion and knowing that this is what I wanted to do. Last year I decided that I wanted to take a year off of heavy duty work to think and play and see what I might want to do. About every two months I had a breakdown of wanting more but I could not put my finger on it- and now here I am going back to school to get another degree... to become a teacher... Maybe what you want to do at 10 is really what you end up doing. Just like maybe you meet your soulmate at 11 without even knowing it. There is something about the innocence of that age that makes things so clear to us, it is experience that makes us so blind to our hearts desires. The reason that comes with age. Anyhow aside from the jitters I am really EXCITED and can't wait for the new school year, maybe I will even get myself a new box of crayons.

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