Tuesday, November 27, 2007

feeling cozy

Here I am at thanksgiving. This year my family went to Berryville, Virginia, where my cousin lives and we spent the day on the farm. I normally hate photos of myself, because I am the least photogenic person I know. However this one turned out alright, aren't those horses amazing with the sun setting, it was beautiful. In these next two weeks school will wind down for me, which I must admit I am ready for. The winter season seems to be upon us and I am feeling how cozy my apartment is, the warmth of my living room, the productivity that my studio holds, the calmness of my bedroom, I am so excited to be able to spend more time here making over my break. I want to get some things made to post onto etsy and of course I have some christmas presents to make, oh yes and some cards too! I just found out that my family is going to the carribian for christmas, so it looks like a Davy Jones christmas this year!

"Home the inescapable place, the place to which the heart's compass turns" -Joanne Harris, Coastliners

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