Tuesday, November 20, 2007

nests and nesting

It seems that this semester has finally calmed down, most of my work is finished, and now it is just getting myself to go to class. The PRAXIS was a bit nerve-wrecking but hopefully my score is high enough to let me move on in school. So with the calmness that comes with having the greasest portion of my work finished, and my life calming down a bit, I feel more relaxed. When the weather gets cooler and the leaves are bright I start to feel more and more compelled to nest in my home. The outings that I have in the summer are gone and the urge to be home, making, reading, playing, relaxing comes back. I am really looking forward to making, during my winter break. I have been making all semester, but mostly demonstration models. Aside from those all I have been working on is my quilt, and a few other small things. Today I got the Amy Butler "stiches" book, and I am in love with the layout of it. Such a beautiful guide with intersting projects in it, I really want to make the pajama pants first! (Considering I have had the fabric to make some for over three years, I better!)
Last night I got the urge to put out a few winter/christmas decorations, as you can see from the photos I stay away from traditional decorating, and go into a modern/vintage twist. I want to add a few more things, like vintage christmas cards, and such but that will wait til after thanksgiving. I hope that everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving. I am thankful for so much this year, things seem to be in place for me at the moment, and for that I am most thankful.

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