Wednesday, November 14, 2007


This week time seems to be slipping through my fingers. I had the loveliest of weekends, I had to work for a few hours but other than that I had some un-structured fun with P. My mind was needing a weekend off, to forget all the things I need to get done. It was good for me. So this weekend to come, I have to take the PRAXIS exam, eeek! It is a test that is a little like the SAT and it is so that I can move on with the teaching classes at school. This is a one shot deal for me, most people take it more than once, but since I am taking level one and two of the teaching classes together I do not have time to mess around with taking it again. I am a little nervous, standarized exams are not my thing, but I am determined to get a passing score! I may not be posting til after all this is over, but I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall trees and colors. I can not believe thanksgiving is next week-wow time has flown this fall. I will be back online writing after I get to the bottom of the barrel of my homewrk.

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