Sunday, October 28, 2012


Started a small lap quilt this week, and am almost finished with it. Fun fabrics, soft prints, cozy. Made some invites for a family event, got the laundry done... sitting here, awaiting this storm they are calling "frankenstorm". With the history of my neighborhood I may not have power for a while, I try to stay optimistic, but I prepared this time. Finishing the small things, that make a big difference, that need power to work. Got some wine, and apple cider beer, pulled out our banangrams game, and the lanterns.  I even managed to iron out some fabric and cut some hexagons, there is always hand piecing that could be done by hand and lantern light.

These storms make me nervous, and uneasy. Maybe it is a control thing, but I hate not knowing how it is going to go. Hope everyone stays safe and warm!

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