Thursday, October 11, 2012

wings and things

A friend of mine is having a show this weekend in Petersburg, VA, at "Curl up or Dye." Instead of a first Friday, like RVA, in Petersburg they do a second Friday. This show will be part of that, and since it is October there is a Halloweenish theme. 

I decided to make some pillows and ornaments for the show. I will show the ornaments later, but for now the pillows.. 

I love the way the back of things look with the seams all pressed down, and separated, for a nice clean finish. 

These fabrics of course include winged creatures to make sense for the theme.. They also make me think of fall and warmth. Fall used to be very warm colors to me, and still is sometimes. However, since having a garden, I have noticed that fall means lots of purples and murky grayish tones. Not being one to use purple very often, I really enjoy this play on color. 

I almost like the back better than the front on this one. 

Finally I made myself a pincushion! I love these fabrics so I used the scraps to make myself a little pillow pin cushion. 

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