Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013... relax?

I seem to have started this year a bit sickly... I am the one that never gets sick, and usually runs circles around those that do get colds, flu, and any other nasty thing... well it seems to have hit me hard this new years. It started a few days ago and my nose is so sore from the blowing and sneezing that I no longer know what to put on it. Anyhow this being sick "thing," has allowed me to catch up on my reading. All of my January magazines are read and put away, the blogs are read and caught up on, the websites I have been bookmarking have been read and studied, and I even finished and started another book. If there is one thing about being sick that isn't so bad, it is that I am forced to sit and relax. I often times have problems with that, and I wish that I could do it on a normal day... I guess that is what resolutions are for, and that is one that I can always work on.
So the books I have been reading lately are a mix of mystery, history, and small town life. I love the way that the writing takes you to a small town in Canada and makes you feel as if you are there. The books are by Louise Penny, who is Canadian herself, and has written many books in this Inspector Gamache series. I started reading them in the middle by accident, not that they need to be read in order to make sense, but small details to make more sense now that I am reading them in order. I love the way that these books are written so visually, and can't wait to read all of them. I do love a good series!

The first in the series is Still Life, which I just finished and it lived up to my expectations, The Brutal Telling, is in the middle of the series, but was the first one that I read and it got me hooked with all of the interesting details. Definitely a good series to check out if you are looking for your next book. 

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