Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It seems as if I have a couple of things going on at the same time in the studio right now, which is actually nice. Some I can work on in the studio others I can pick up and do anywhere, and others are nice to see as a progression over time. I am good about finishing work but sometimes I do like to multi-task so that nothing becomes mundane. This is especially important to me, because I usually choose projects that require a lot of steps that are often very repetitive and time consuming. I have had people close to me say that the only thing I have patient for in my life is my artwork, and I must admit is probably true.
In the idea of repetitive, detailed work, here is my latest project, that I am prepared to spend some time on to get it exactly like I want. (In addition to being patient with my work, I am also a bit of a perfectionist.) 
This project which for now I will call Terrain, happened because I have been collecting a couple of different brands and designers of maps, terrains, and geographic things in general. It seems that maps are everywhere at the moment, and I have long been interested in their appearance. I mixed 6 different lines of fabric for this piece and have the whole thing planned out on paper, so UN-like me. Usually I just make, but I wanted this to be just as I see it in my mind. All of the fabric is cut and ready and I have begun piecing most of it. About an hour into planning this with fabric I realized that I needed a wall to work on, so that the mistakes would be kept at a minimum. So I finally installed a cork wall in the studio, something that is way overdue. It is really easy to work on and has been nice to get things off the table, ironing board, dining room, and the floor. 

A detail of the part that I have begun piecing...

Another part... 

Coming together... The new corner of the studio.... I will show this in pieces and process and can't wait for the final work. 

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