Sunday, April 1, 2007

lint and dryer sheets

For the past month I have been collecting all my lint and dryer sheets, after they were used. When I began doing this I had no idea what I was going to make or do with them. I was just fascinated with the patterns, colors, and texture that they produced. Sometimes this is how I work, I collect for a while, random bits and ends from my daily life. (Some of you will recall the underwear and bra pieces from college...) The things that I collect are parts of my daily life, my path, my time, my history that I write each day. It all goes back to the reason that I named this blog Ana's Layers; I have always worked with layers literally and figuratively. The layers in my pieces are seen but also hidden, as in life. With my autobiographical work I like to conceal some layers hidden beneath the surface, but expose myself just enough so that the viewer knows what it is that I am trying to convey. Sometimes I feel naked to the viewer. So the lint and dryer sheets... Here I go again self-portrait/exploration with this one. I have started pining it all down and will begin sewing tomorrow. It seems that no matter what I am doing in life or where I am going, there are points where I need to explore myself as I explore new materials.

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eb said...

I love this - today... I was sewing with my ancient machine - lots of scrappy stringy threads left over - gather them up with packing tape and press into journal - its the dailies - day after day

life and art

so happy to meet you

you are an inspiration

I will visit often

xox - eb.