Tuesday, April 10, 2007

new blooms

Saturday I woke up shivering, and jumped out of bed to find a white ground outside my window. It is strange that I had almost forgotten how beautiful snow can be. It has barely snowed here at all this year and the little bit that did, melted within minutes. I was a little shocked to find the snow this weekend considering that it is already April, but I am glad that I got one chance at seeing the white stuff this year. It is so beautiful, calm and silent. The silence of snow never ceases to amaze me. I am not very good in cold weather but I think I would miss it if I never had it, four seasons seem to suite me. With each season, and the passing of time there is something new and different in the air, and also a sense of nostalgia.

These pictures are of an orchid that my mother gave me a few weeks ago. She has given me many orchids before but they usually do not make it more than two weeks in my hands, this is an improvement. I have seen three new blooms happen here in my apartment. It is so neat to leave and come back to find a partially blooming pod.... I am not sure that is the technical word for what orchids bloom out of, but it will work for me. I thought I would share these, they are inspiring to me and serve as reminders of new beginnings and how delicate they can be.

The lint project is not forgotten, but between going away last weekend, having a guest this weekend, and leaving again next week, I might not get to it for a little while. Meantime, I will continue to do laundry and collect the materials. I have been told by two sources that I should make the light box for them, thank you both for the reminder that I am able to build things and that I do not need to buy pre-made for this.... always good to have honest friends as reminders to not be lazy, or take the easy way.
I am going to re-learn crocheting tonight, I hope that this goes well. Maybe I will even be excited about it to the point of having a use for crocheting... who knows.

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