Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hello! Last week I got to go see my best friend in Ohio, she is attending graduate school there. It was great spending a few days around an art enviorment again. I miss school often, and am not yet sure how I feel about going back for graduate school. The one thing that I know for sure is that I am addicting to making and being inspired and as long as I keep on I can choose graduate school in the future if I want. I have always loved going somewhere different than where I live for a few days, a trip can be the perfect cure for the mind and heart. On Saturday we got to go to a few different vintage/antique shops. I LOVE doing that, seeing old things, collecting, it is part of my making process. Sometimes if I can't be in my studio any longer I go down the road to the antique mall, or to diversity thrift, one of my favorite quirky things about Richmond. It was great going to new shops seeing new things, and it doesn't hurt to have one of my favorite people with me.

these photos are of the Dube in Columbus Ohio, a local bar/diner on the OSU campus.

The bathroom in the printmaking building, one of the professors there has a thing for Barbie.

While in Ohio, I also got to make a drawing on a litho-plate. P. is going to print it for me, seeing as how I have never made a lithography before. The drawing is a little boring on its own, basic pattern stuff, however I plan on hand coloring it, and maybe collaging some of it.

Places to go if you are ever in Columbus, Ohio:
Courier West- the coolest shop, anything from bones to lingerie.
The Book Loft- 32 rooms of books, enough said
Half priced books- great deals
German Village- great looking houses, fun area
Short North- fun shops, antiques
Ohio State Campus on a game day- nothing like it!

Today I got to come home early from work and I had plans to work on my lint project and make some pillows, but some how one thing lead to another and I re-arranged my bedroom a bit. It was the one space in my apartment that I had not taken the time to make my own yet. I mixed some vintage fabric prints, and some found objects and below is what I came up with. I will resume the lint project tomorrow. With new lint.

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