Wednesday, April 4, 2007

my sewing machine is going to revault!

It has been a few days since last I wrote, I have been busy working on this lint project, and the nice weather has pulled me outside a bit I have to admit. So tonight I finally got to sew some of the lint pieces together and I am getting so excited about this piece. Here are some pictures of the pieces.

I love the simplicity of the thread mixing with the raw edge of the dryer sheets... The softness is so amazing to me, I think this piece might turn into a quilt... not a bed quilt but something to put on the wall, just using quilting techniques. My sewing machine is ready to revolt, I am going to give it a good cleaning tomorrow so that it does not give out on me, the lint is making it super-dusty.
While making this I held a few pieces up to the light to catch the colors and I LOVE the way it looks in the light so in addition to having this be a "wall quilt" I think I am going to put a light box behind it... anyone know of a good source for a light box... a BIG one!?!?
This is what they look like with light behind them....aren't the amazing!

These are the raw edges, some of you may already know my obsession with raw edges. They are raw and drape beautifully they create a softness in a raw unfinished piece. I hardly ever actually cut these off.

I love to know about where people create, see their spaces, get a glimpse of what makes them tick.... everyone needs a room of their own... below are glimpses into mine.

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