Wednesday, October 31, 2007

one by one.

Time is going by so fast lately. Maybe it is the busy schedule that has become my life, or maybe it is the days getting shorter. Either way it seems like time is slipping through my fingers, like sand held tightly; fast. In the midst of everything going on I have found time to work on my quilt. I have been trying to do a little bit every night, and hour or so. It helps rid all the clutter that piles in throughout the day. Keeping my hands busy has always been a good way for me to get through life, and stress. So working on my quilt sewing circles together and making more circles really helps relieve the days pressure. It is great to have a project to work on that can be picked up and put down again---I recomend it. As you can see in the above photos, it is now almost the right proportion for a queen size bed the wide way. Just a matter of building up the length. I hope that everyone had a lovely halloween!

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p-lo said...

a. it looks SO good. i think that i am jealous again.