Monday, September 9, 2013


Loving the late summer blooms in the garden. Noticing that this time of the year is filled with pinks, purples, green of all shades, red, brown, and white. Taking advantage of picking my own flowers and the last bit of vegetables from the garden before fall really kicks in and there is little left. 

Thinking a lot about collections lately, what they mean, why collect at all, how some people are facisnated by one thing and no one else gets it. Making arrangements out of the small collections I have around the house, moving some things around, replacing some, purging others... always seem to be purging something around here, realizing that I have hung onto some things far too long. 

Thinking a lot about drawing, not realistic, refined drawing but that of a child. Uninhibited. Watching a child draw recently I was reminded of how they don't overthink where a color, line, shape, image is going, they just do. With that I want to explore drawing more, at least play in my sketchbook more.

Thinking about images in general. I have been looking and pin-ing on pintrest a lot lately. my pintrest looking at images of everything, from drawings, quilts, artwork, home decor, couture, inspiring people... it really is the visual library I always wanted... 

At that place in a project where I want to put it away and not look at it for a while, but knowing that if I do that I will not ever finish it... Taking a break to sketch and doodle in my sketchbook... Hoping that from that I will have the will-power needed to finish this task. Still enjoying the mixing of many fabrics at once. All the colors, shapes, patterns... 

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