Thursday, August 23, 2012

bookworms... and inspiration

"Little stitches" by Aneela Hoey and "Zakka Style" compiled by Rahida Coleman-Hale 

I went to my front door this morning to discover that the books that I had pre-ordered were sitting there. I love it when that happens that you get yourself a little treat and it magically appears after you forgot you ordered it. After reading the blog of Aneela Hoey for a while now I had to have her new book. Her patterns and ideas are sweet, fun, and remind me of being a child.... when things were more simple and innocent. You can check out her blog right here: The other book is Zakka Style, this book has been popping up everywhere so I decided it was time to try the Zakka way. Which basically means small projects, which has been my way of working lately. 

Later this afternoon I had another knock on my door and it was the Fedex guy, it was like an early birthday today or something... My new sketchbook came in the mail, full of thick, clean, hand deckled pages, isn't she lovely... It is from Rag and Bone Bindery, I love their products! I was introduced to them in high school when I worked at an art supply store and ever since there isn't a hand bound book that compares. They actually hand bind each book, album, or anything else you can order, and add the fabric of your choosing. I have had sketchbooks of all kinds but my favorites have been Rag and Bone, and from now on I think that I will use only theirs. The size is perfect, and the pages are a thick cotton paper. Beauty.

Found this while cleaning last night... Forgot I even owned it, but so glad I re-acquainted myself with this gem from the 70's if you can get over the crazy colors and silly outfits, this is a great reference to refer to and has some interesting techniques and uses for applique in it. 

Love this page, and look its more HEXAGONS!

Oh, and can't forget the LOG CABINS!

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