Monday, August 13, 2012


Sometimes a weekend away, away from the noise, the movement, and everyday life, can be just what you need to gain some inspired thoughts. That's just what I did this weekend. My sister gave S and I tickets to Mumford and Son's this weekend and off to Bristol, VA the three of us went. We drove six hours through the Appalachian mountains and ended in this little town that separated Tennessee and Virginia, you can literally have a foot in each state. I am sure the locals enjoyed watching all the visitors  taking photos and going between the state line down the middle of the street... 

There are even little markers in the middle of the street. 

The most beautiful concert tickets I have ever had, so artistic, and such a close attention to detail. 

There were rubber stamps throughout the festival for stamping the back of the tickets.

Fabric flags were hung everywhere...

Catarina, me, and Sandra

Attention to detail, everywhere we looked.

Tea was setup in the middle of the woods.

This piano was set up in the middle of the pool by the main stage.

I was impressed with the attention to detail that took over the whole town. Mumford and Son's got together their favorite bands and the seven of them put this festival on. The whole town was taken over, and embellished with flags, country themes, mason jars filled with candles, antiques, and well thought out tasteful centerpieces. It was a lovely time, brilliant music and an awakening of senses.

So many people, fun had by all.

The Blue Ridge Mountains. 

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