Wednesday, August 8, 2012

hexagons unite!

I finally stopped making hexagons, long enough to actually piece some together.

There is something about the process of the paper piecing that is calming, soothing, and allows me to think. Its my version of therapy, I have always found that working with my hands is more soothing anyhow. 

I am in love with the Liberty prints and the un-organized appearance of the hexagons above. 

The bright remnants of Anna Marie Horner fabric I had laying in my scrap bin.

And of course the best use of the small Japanese prints that I have fallen in love with lately. This "Paris" fabric is one of those Japanese fabrics I have fallen for. Between organic cotton and the Japanese prints I have been acquiring a nice collection of them to make small projects like this. They also lend themselves to projects for children and small pieces to a larger whole. 

Two of these pin cushions are for sale on etsy,

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