Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fabrics and findings

If you know me, you know that I love Halloween more than any other holiday! I spend just as much time decorating and getting ready for it as most people do for Christmas. I know its overwhelming and irritating to go to stores and see Halloween and Christmas stuff out in July, however when it comes to handmade things, one must prepare and start early.... or it never gets done. Which is usually what happens with the "handmade Christmas cards" I keep saying I will make, or holiday place settings.... the list goes on and on... I usually just make other stuff because holiday crafts seem a bit silly, especially with the brilliant selection of things out there in vintage, antique and craft stores. 
Well this year is different, I tell myself! I am going to make something for Halloween! The details are not worked out but here are a few of the materials. All of this got kicked into gear because I found a website that carries COFFIN paper pieces!!! It is the same company that makes the hexagons shapes that I use. I buy most of my quilting supplies here in Richmond at Quilting Adventures, the staff there is wonderful and they will order almost anything for you. So I put in my order and a few days later was off to pick up my coffins! I can't wait to play with this, that's exactly what it is: PLAY! 

I got this fabric a few weeks ago and was instantly in love, it is called the Ghastlies, by Alexander Henry. I think this guy will fit nicely into a coffin....

I might have to use some of these skeletons too...

Or these skeletons, and flies... See while I do not always make holiday craft-things I have collected enough fabric to make lots of craft-things. 

And while I am sharing some of my fabric stash... I love this Alice and Wonderland, Japanese fabric I just got.  

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