Thursday, August 23, 2012

sewing frenzy


I have been on a sewing frenzy the past week, well all summer actually... Here is the latest pin-cushion, I love these fabrics together, it is vintage Venice fabric, and one of my favorite Japanese fabrics of Paris. 

I pieced these scraps together years ago, and have had the piece of fabric laying around for a while now. Finally made some use of it and made a pillow for my studio. I had some awful pillows in here, for my chairs and decided to donate them and make myself one that suits my space. I love the tiny pieces of some of my favorite fabrics, its a good way to hang onto a little memory. 

Hexagon addictions have continued... This is an 18 inch by 18 inch pillow that I made using Aneela Hoey fabric. I love the sweetness of the prints and wanted to use a technique that would not take away from that. The hexagons capture the tiny stories in their small frames. 

Just added some things to etsy:

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