Monday, July 30, 2012

six sided addictions

Hexa go-go by Tacha Bruecher 
Ever since my circle days I have stayed away from projects that involve hours and hours of tiny little pieces to make a whole... However my compulsive nature usually brings me back to projects like this, especially because it is something that I can work on and then put down if need-be. It is also nice to have a project I can take with me, when I go places. 
So here I am again making tiny little shapes, hexagons this time I really want to make a story line with them, and perhaps some geometric pillows and such. Not sure on the exact project yet but I did go get this book for inspiration the other day and fell even more in love with the idea! It is by Tacha Bruecher, the images are gorgeous and inspiring. I usually do not copy a project from a book, I am very bad at following other people's patterns, however I love books like this for inspiration, and to draw ideas from. 

Page from Hexa go-go 
Page from Hexa go-go

Today I finally pulled out my little hexagon paper pieces that have been collecting dust on my shelf for some time now, and started to make these... 

I think I am in love, I may never use a square again... well... I do love squares too, but I am really excited about these and can't wait to piece them all together.

The fabric I used for these is by Aneela Hoey, I used her fabric once before, without really paying attention to it. Recently I have really fallen for it though and have amassed a nice size collection of it. Her innocent, sweet designs lend themselves to projects like this. Small little tid-bits of a larger story. 

Must go now lots more hexagons to sew up while I watch the Olympics. Did you guys see the opening ceremonies, loved the field-turned industrial revolution! 

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