Tuesday, May 22, 2007

green tomatoes and colections

I picked up the lint project today and finished sewing together the first batch of 'squares'. I am really liking the shape that it is taking, and it is neat to build up the shape of them depending on how many pieces I layer. While sewing I turned on the movie "fried green tomatoes" I had seen this movie before, but never paid such close attention to how beautiful certain aspects of the movie are. The fabrics in the bedrooms, are beautiful small florals, and stripes, fresh cotton, the look is overall soft and worn.. which I love! There is also the bedroom where the older woman lives, with the rose wall, it had been pointed out to me once before, but it is so beautiful that it is her view into her old life. I guess this is one of those movies that would fall under the-feel good movie- category.
So colections, I have been reading some articles lately on how colecting certain things can inpire creativity. This is nothing new to me, I have been colecting things for a while. One of my favorite colections are my vintage and antique sewing notions and boxes. I have to agree with the article any time I look through my things or go to find something to use, I see something new, and it does inspire something in me. I would love to hear about anyone else's colections and what makes them tick... if you want to share.
The plant in the photo above is a happy surprise. Last summer I thought that I had killed my calla lilly plant, but somehow never cleaned the dirt out of the container it lived in. I was walking out to work the other day and relized that there was something budding from that pile of dirt. My calla lilly plant is alive and well, and it looks like a strong start. I will try not to kill it this time!
Otherwise, things around here have been well, busy with work, and tryign to find a way to balance all my projects. That can be a challenge sometiems, finding the time and energy to make all the things in my brain. Day by day I find a little time to make something, and if nothing else at least a small part to add to my blanket.

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