Thursday, May 24, 2007

spring cleaning.

The other day I went looking for something in one of my closests and could not find it, although I did find plenty of other things... most that I no longer needed or wanted. I also relized that I had no more room in my closet to hang up a new shirt. All this made me frustrated, for one that I have so many things, and two that they were cluttering my mind and home. Yesterday I went through every closet, nook and crannie, and compiled 8 bags of things to donate, and 4 bags of trash. Ridding my home of the clutter and only leaving the things that I really love, which is plenty- trust me, really makes me feel better.
One of my favorite shows comes on tonight on the home and garden network, its called Small Space Big Style, at 6:30, it is a great show about spaces under 500 square feet and what people have in them. I love the idea of small spaces, and do not want to ever live in one of those hideous mini-mansion things. Pulling ideas from this show is always great, and it reminds me that there is plenty that one can live without. The main reason behind my clensing spree. I am off to enjoy the sun outside, it is a beautiful day!

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