Saturday, May 19, 2007

hook and loop to a calm mind

There has been a lot on my mind lately, the idea of balancing art and busines, a career and a passion. Last year when I recieved my negative graduate school letters I was terribly upset and it took me a long time to not feel bad about it. In college I worked so hard, spent all of my time making, or thinking about making. I had a well put together portfolio, and great recomendations... Even though everyone kept telling me that most peolpe do not get into art-grad school on their first attempt, I could not get over it. I could not help but feel inadequate worst than all the other emotions- angry... Well it took some time but I did realize that graduate school was not in the cards for me at the moment, and I am glad that I did not go at the time, because I am glad to not be in school at the moment. I have toiled with the idea of business and art for a while now. I love both. Creating and using inspiration and ideas to better understanding of the world and showing it through my eyes. Business, well... what can I say I love the competitive aspect in it, and how rewarding it can be to reach a goal and set a new one... as far as retail and business go, I love that there is constant change, people, problem solving, ideas, and goals to exceed. I am working to find a way to mesh these two worlds into my universe. Little by little I am finding the "adult" inside and it is happening. I am seeing that what I have been working towards for a few months is right in front of my eyes.

I have been crocheting lately, the lint project is in progress but I am waiting on more lint to proceed. I want to make two of these crochet blankets by the end of the summer, so that there will be something to keep my toes warm in december. I am making this one out of some yarn I had laying around my art bins, but I want to use organic cotton for the next one. It is so much softer and the softer the more luxorious in my eyes. (I have a thing for 600 thread count sheets...)
It is so unlike me to make something utilitarian, but I am having fun making something that is so repetitive and "fun" that it clears my mind of clutter, and lets me think so that I can really concentrate on making more intersting things.

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