Monday, May 7, 2007


One of the things that I always seem to go back to in my work is layers. The layers that make up life and help the passage of time. Layers exist in anything and everything sometimes it can be literal the layers of fabric but in my case, those layers usually hold something in them. A story, a secret a hidden meaning. The layers are what I use to contain my thoughts and desires, regrets, fears. The way that I tell enough but not too much. Well the lint project has taken on the layerd appearance. I started pinning it together today to form a layered, piece. I am going to sew it together by hand, soft meaningful stiches. I want to make a few of these "panels" (lack of better words) and I want them to be 4 feet 11 inches tall... hmm I wonder what I am getting at here. Well I better stop before I give too much away.
Here are some progress shots.

Penelope tried to print my plate today (the one I drew on my trip) sadly I drew the image on too lightly and it did not print well... lesson one in printmaking a heavy hand helps!

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