Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A few of my favorite things.

I love spending the afternoon in my studio making. The best way to make all the "noise" in my life go away and to clear my mind so that I can really think about what I am making instead of all the other "clutter" in my mind. Today I got to sit here and start sewing my lint project. The small delicate, hand stiches I mentioned are looking great... But they are time consuming so it will be a while before this one is done. Not to mention the fact that I have to collect enough lint for the 4 foot 11 inch 'panels'. Good thing I dont mind doing laundry. One of the setbacks in the project, that I am starting to find out is that lint is mostly, dust, and when working with dust there is only so much that the eyes can take at one time. However my whole apartment smells great!

When I went to grab some thread to begin stiching and opened my "sewing box"...which could be my whole studio, an art closet, my wall... well it goes on and on. One of my favorite collections is my sewing box colection. I go to estate sales, yard sales, antique shops, thirft stores, anywhere that might have an old abandoned sewing box. The boxes are sometimes great, but the treasures that I seek are the things inside the boxes, the memories that these women (yes they have all belonged to women so far however I would LOVE to find one that belonged to a man) some of the boxes have pictures in them, newspaper clippings, odd bits and ends. I am mezmorized by these treasures, the colors of the thread once I have pulled off that first layer of dust, the glass buttons, silk hem tape, rich velvet ribbon, scissors that cut like chef knifes, stocking repair kits... you name it I have probably found it in one of these boxes. I clean them out, usually discard the box because they are too dirty or old, and put them in my "sewing box". Which makes me happy any time I need to use something, and I must confess sometimes I open it just to see marvel in my treasures and be seduced by the color. Below are a few pictures of a few of my favorite things, keep in mind this is only a fraction of my obsession.... a healthy obsession!

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